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All change starts with Divine wisdom.


I’m a passionate writer. I write since little, and it’s not only one of my biggest joys but also one of the things I’m best at.
I write spiritual books, poetry, and short stories. At the moment, I’ve published two spiritual books. You can find both on this page. Make sure to check this page once in a while because: more is to come.
Being trilingual (German, English, Italian), I write books in multiple languages, mostly in English and German. On this page, you find all English books. If you’re interested in my German books, switch the language on top.

This book is going to change everything for you. It’s a precious compendium of Divine wisdom that will help you awaken your purpose, discover your unique spiritual gift, uncover the hidden challenges, overcome fears and doubts, and inspire you to make a difference in this world.
I wrote this book to help you
  • overcome the feeling of not belonging to this world so you can embrace and handle it.
  • remember who you are and why you’re in this life.
  • awaken your divine mission, life purpose and unique spiritual gift.
  • create a meaningful life and maximize your impact on the world
  • confidently be your true self and do what you love

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Being an Earth Angel, I’ve gone through some very intense and hurting times before overcoming the duality of being a spiritual being and living a human life. But it was during these intense times when I awakened to my purpose and remembered who I am in spiritual truth and why I came to this life. In “days of finding home” I share my story of awakening. May it be your loving compass to living a fulfilled and happy life of purpose and peace. Because you too, have come to this life for a reason and are meant to enjoy being human and find home in this world.

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