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You are not lost

When we are facing change, we easily get overwhelmed. What has been true for us for such a long time, all at a sudden doesn’t feel right anymore and no longer fits our hopes, beliefs, our goals. We suddenly find ourselves longing for new truths, new habits – a completely new way of life.
It’s hard to say when this feeling entered our lives, but we know that right now, our whole life, our whole world is upside down: we don’t want our old habits & truths back – they have become too small, but we don’t know where to find the new ones either. We don’t even know what they are about. We just know that we want them to come true, we long to live them. Now!
So, we are completely lost in a state where we don’t want to go back, and we can’t go on. And we do not only feel lost, we also feel that everything we had is lost: our life, our purpose, our happiness, our hope.
But the truth is: You have not lost anything. You have let go. You have let go of what no longer served you. You have let go to make room for your highest good, your best life.
The longing you feel inside is a calling. It’s your life purpose calling you to live it. And that you are longing to move on, to change your life, to live your best life means that you already have it in you. Because deep down you already know what this best life looks like, what it feels like and where to find it.
But as you are in the midst of the turmoil that changes brought to your life, you cannot clearly see the answers to these questions. But don’t worry. Your life purpose got your back! It is always on your side, guiding your steps and guarding you against going astray.
When your life purpose awakens you to change your life, it comes with a powerful companion that guides you on this path: Your most precious dream. Your most precious dream is the dream and the vision of the life you are longing for. Your most precious that invites you to set out on a journey; the pursuit of a life that truly makes you happy. And grants you a vision of this life.
You have not lost anything. And you are not lost. You are on the perfect right path to finding your life purpose and living the life you are longing for. Keep walking. Keep following your calling. As it will guide you to your highest good.
You have awakened to the truth of who you really are. And are this close to finding the answer to why you are in this life. The wisdom lies in your calling to pursue your most precious dream and the vision of the life you are longing for.
And should they ever seem too big, too unrealistic or even an illusion, just remember that your dreams were given to you for a reason. They are God’s gift to you. They are the voice of the Universe guiding you to your highest good. So, believe in them and unconditionally follow your calling. For it knows the way.

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